Proform Treadmill - An Honest Review

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The Proform treadmill offers a very good deal for the people who are looking at fitness as a hobby or just to stay healthy and active. Proform Inc is the manufacturer of Proform treadmills and are famous for their sports equipments business. The Proform treadmill is sold at a low price when compared to the other treadmills in the market. This low cost is the biggest advantage and also the disadvantage of the product.

Most people looking to buy the treadmill will be looking to buy them at a cost less than $1000. Those people will be convinced by this treadmill. When it comes to professionals this treadmill cannot convince them with its quality and options because of the low price.

The cheapest Proform treadmill costs around $500. With few more options installed the price shoots up to $700 or $800. The cheapest model mentioned earlier is named Proform 540. Its running surface comes with a dimension of 19x55" with the capability to support up to 300 lbs. Also its engine power is 2.7 hp with the ability to sustain at a speed of 10 mph. Its inclination can be varied up to 10 degrees. Another main advantage of this treadmill is its 10 year warranty for the engine and 90 days warranty for other parts. There are products available in the market with lifetime warranty but costs atleast thrice the cost of this model.

Another famous model available from Proform is 995 SEL which costs around $700. It comes with a running surface of 20x55" and 2.75 hp engine to carry a person weighing up to 200 pounds. It also comes with an inclination angle of 10 degrees and with the ability to run at a top speed of 10 mph. Any Proform treadmill is suitable for small or big houses as they can fit in any corner in the house.

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The author is a experienced fitness trainer and have the hobby of reviewing the fitness equipments. The author feels that the Proform treadmill is really worth it's price but will not be convincing you if you are a professional runner.

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Proform Treadmill - An Honest Review

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This article was published on 2010/04/01